梵音(Fan Yin)-My first doll!

Posted by 夜月瑾(Ca)❤ on 04.2010 ̾❤ My Dolls 0 comments 0 trackback
In fact,梵音(Fan Yin)is my first child.
Although he has completed early,and spraied the paint,but I always thought unsatisfied ~~
He is not sent to mold ~ ~Significantly modified~Now he is almost complete~
I will save money, and hope that after New Year I can send he to mold~~~
MY friends say that he is becoming more and more feminization……
I did not dare to put on the eyes to he before I send he to mold~
Because since the last time when I put on the eyes to the model,unexpectedly there paint was damaged by plastilina!And my strength often breaks his eyelids

I modified the mouth, and now he seems more comfortable, but there is a little chromatism. . . This photo is unclear...

Finally, I adjusted the color of this last photo,my friens say that he is looked like a sad woman. . .I cry. . .

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